Sterns and Foster Factory: Lockland, Ohio the “Dead Pet” is almost gone! We got the shot !

This beacon is soon to be relegated to the past.
This beacon is soon to be relegated to the past.
What a medevil place
Inside of the factory and its winding passages. It was labyrinth and an oven in the summer.
sun flare morning
Sunrise on the half demolished factory and stack. It has a beauty all its own.
More art
Colorful graffiti on side of factory…”Caper____?”
side view
Across from factory standing above I-75S in the “Lockland Canyon”
Goodbye Old Friend
A little perspective on how huge this place is!

Me and Marsha got up and out early with the sun to get our “Dead Pet” pics before the 168 year old Sterns & Foster  factory in Lockland, Ohio is razed to the ground by the end of this year (2014), as of today its 3/4’s gone and will soon be nothing more than a memory.

After 45 yrs of driving I-75 North through Lockland, Ohio, on my way home from work, I will no longer be greeted by one of the few pieces of graffiti that I admire, the “Dead Pet” tag at the very top and very end of the factory. For many years I wondered what it meant to the person who put it there. To me it has always meant that the safe, warm and inviting environs of home were but minutes away and that it was time to relax and unwind for the day. I always find myself smiling when I look up and see these anonymous words breaching the skyline.  “Dead Pet” you will be sorely missed as a beacon, a mystery and an old friend!

We were stopped by the Lockland, Ohio PD and the officer explained the road was closed and that we were on the wrong side of a one way street as well..we smiled said good morning and told him our story. He smirked, waved and said turn around, he knew we were there to say our goodbyes and was having fun with us on an early and fridgid Sunday morning!

Thanks Lockland, Ohio PD for being so didn’t have to be and we thank you very much for letting us document this soon to be gone landmark.

We got the shots and walked the perimeter outside the fence for a couple hours trying to impress this dying giant on our memories and contemplating the lives of the people that had worked there in the past..Goodbye “Dead Pets” you will be missed!

Len and Marsha

Cincinnati, Ohio

Sterns and Foster Factory: Lockland, Ohio the “Dead Pet” is almost gone! We got the shot !

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